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Celebrate Nigeria’s textile heritage through pageantry! At the annual FESTMiNT, "Miss Made in Nigeria Textile" (Miss MiNT) will be crowned, highlighting Nigerian culture and couture. This event promotes local textiles, creativity, and new export markets. Register here to participate

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Made in Nigeria


Nigerian Textiles are Global !!!

Nigerian textiles can drive new trends and business opportunities. Made in Nigeria Textiles (MiNT) Nigeria Ltd aims to promote Nigeria’s rich textile heritage, support local manufacturers, and boost the creative economy. MiNT showcases Nigerian textiles globally.

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Rich Cultural Heritage

African textiles in Nigeria honor heritage and reflect a rich multiethnic culture. Traditional arts like Adire (tie and dye) and Aso oke symbolize cultural origins and are integral to daily life.



Made in Nigeria Textiles (MINT) promotes art, culture, and economy, supports job creation, and boosts revenue. It aims to enhance the value of Nigerian textiles globally through festivals, exhibitions, and other projects, fostering creativity and collaboration.



The goals are to create visual artworks celebrating Nigeria's textile traditions, showcase Nigerian artifacts, and archive and promote creative works that align with modern technological advancements in textile printing.

2024 Abuja Festival of Made in Nigeria Textile (2024 ABUJA FESTMiNT) LAUNCH

The 2024 Abuja FESTMiNT will be an exclusive, high-profile media event where the Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy will unveil the Made in Nigeria Textile Project. It will gather industry leaders, manufacturers, designers, investors, and organizations promoting arts and business development. Special guests will include diplomats, state officials, and international dignitaries. FESTMiNT aims to promote the Nigerian textile industry as a driver of job creation, exports, and revenue, while integrating Nigerian textiles into global design concepts.

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